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On Thursday August 18, 2011 I paid Goodyear Auto Service Center, a division of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, at 811 South Gallatin Rd. $964.90 for tires and repairs on my Honda Accord. After repairs were made, the axle that Goodyear installed came off while I was driving. This incident posed a safety issue for others in my vicinity and myself. It also created additional costs for towing by Copeland's Towing & Recovery, problem diagnosis at Trickett Honda, and transportation rental at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, all in which I seek reimbursement. I seek reimbursement for fees incurred, and now additional payment for the extended inconvenience of dealing with Goodyear's non-acceptance of responsibility from installing what they admit was the incorrect model and size axel on my Honda Accord.

Thursday August 18, 2011:

8:46 am: Was quoted $461.00 for new Kelly 205/60 R15 tires by Dan, the manager at Goodyear.

11:00 am: Goodyear called to inform me my CV Boots/axles on both front tires were leaking or busted. They said they'd replace them for $212.00 per side. Thus I agreed.

12:40 pm: Goodyear called to inform me I needed a front-end alignment. I declined.

2:57 pm: Paid $964.90 for Tires and CV Boots/axles repair. Once at my car I noticed the incorrect tires, Kelly 195/60 R15's, were installed on my car.

3:00pm: Informed an employee and Assistant Manager, since Dan had left, that the tires I paid for were not installed on my car. The Assistant Manager reluctantly replaced the incorrect Kelly 195/60 R15's with the Kelly 205/60 R15 tires I paid for.

3:15pm: While driving, my car stopped running at the corner of Gallatin Road and Old Hickory Blvd as I was turning at the stop light. Luckily a tow truck was in traffic behind me. It took me to Trickett Honda as I assumed my 120k mile timing belt had broken.

3:30 pm: Paid that tow company, Copeland's Towing, $65.00.

3:54 pm: Copeland's Towing then dropped me off at Enterprise Rent-A-Car to since I needed transportation to get to work the next morning at 6:45am. I rented their least expensive car at $39.99 per day, which in the end came to a total of $89.91.

4:15 pm: Went to Trickett Honda to retrieve items from my Honda Accord and the manager told me, and showed me, my left side axle had come out.

4:00 pm: Called Goodyear and was told I'd need to talk to Dan the manager tomorrow. I.e. Friday August 19, 2011.

Friday August 19, 2011:

7:00 am Spoke with Dan and he insisted that the only way my warranty would be valid is if I allowed Goodyear to tow my car from Trickett Honda to them for repair. I gave him permission and he said he'd check on my reimbursement for expenses incurred and for me to contact him in two hours at 9:00am.

7:45 am: Called Trickett Honda and spoke to Terry, a Service Manager, and paid $54.63 via phone for their diagnosis of why my car stopped so my car could be released to Goodyear when their tow truck arrived.

10:00 am: Spoke with Dan and he said that his staff had installed the incorrect model/size CV Boot/axle on my Honda. He said I could pick it up later Friday afternoon.

Now in final, I did pick up my car and thus far I've had no problems. However, its Tuesday August 23, 2011 and Goodyear's Manager, Dan, says he's working with NAPA to get NAPA to maybe reimburse me some of my expenses and maybe Goodyear would do the rest. He says there is no guarantee that I will be reimbursed full $209.54. Nor does he know what percentage of it I will be reimbursed and by whom. I paid $964.90 for services rendered by Goodyear Auto Service Center, and because of their negligence I've incurred fees of $209.54. I feel the responses I am receiving from Dan are unacceptable.

Monetary Loss: $964.

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i love your time you were writing it all down as it was happening...were you taking notes as all this was happening, or your just really,really good with remembering exactly when things happen....down to the minute?


I had a similar incident with a local business, but they refunded me for my expenses. Go Beamon Pontiac!


Why isn't someone double and triple checking to make sure they were putting the correct part on your car? Besides all the extra money and headaches they have cost you..they really put you in danger!


Why do companies always try to get over. They take your money, yet dont want to provide good service.

Their attitude is, "Weve got your money now. What are you gonna do about it".

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